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Branding Detroit - Simpler LLC

Grow Your Business In Style


We bring the identity of your brand to life. Good design is consistent yet flexible enough to work across all platforms giving your customers a unique experience. Our teams work to design the look, feel and sound of your brand for the greatest possible impact.

From business cards to handouts, you need material that your clients can take with them. Even though we focus on the web, we understand that relationships are also built in person. Make sure your business has everything needed to represent itself to the fullest. 

Print Media

A logo becomes the center and heart of your business. It is used on everything from your business cards to websites becoming what your clients recognize and trust. Let our team of professionals work with you to truly create a piece of art that speaks volume about your business.

Logo Design

Bringing your business to life on the web is what we strive to do. To do so, we work with you to create and design photos/graphics that showcase your business. Our team ranges from graphic designers to photographers, allowing us to capture all that you have to offer your clients.

Photography & Graphic Design

Brand Book

After putting in all the time and energy into making your business look great, Simpler designs a Brand Book or Style Guide that highlights everything we have done. We list out all the colors, keywords, images, dimensions, materials and more so that you will never have to guess again. We want you to always look your best.

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